Feeling Flaky

By Wendy Lemlin

(Published in About Town Magazines, Winter 2015 as “Let It Snow”)

Winter rains at the coast can mean snow in San Diego County's eastern mountain areas.  Photo Credit: Wendy Lemlin

Winter rains at the coast can mean snow in San diego County’s eastern mountain areas.

Ah, the joys of winter: sledding, cross country skiing, making snow angels and building snowmen… think you can’t do that in San Diego County? Well, think again—-and head for the hills!

When rare winter rains drench the city and the temperatures drop at the coast, it’s highly likely that snow will cover the tallest mountain peaks in the eastern reaches of the county. It may only happen a few times a winter, and any accumulation will certainly melt within days after a snowstorm, so, if you’re yearning for the quintessential snow day, be ready with your call-in-sick-to-work excuse, put on those layers of clothes and drive east ASAP!

Here’s a flurry of snow-possible locations, each only about an hour’s drive from San Diego—close enough to spend the day and still be back at the beach by sunset. Continue reading