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I’m Wendy Lemlin and I’m a food-obsessed, zydeco dancing, animal-loving travel junkie, and I’d like to invite you to come along on my adventures.  Well, at least in the virtual sense—meaning, I get to go places and taste things and then write about them, and you get to read about it all and hopefully become inspired to go out and have your own adventures, eat incredible food, and enjoy life to the fullest!

I’ve lived in all 4 corners of the US, some places in between, a few foreign countries and have finally settled in San Diego, CA, which I consider to be the most beautiful city in our country, with the added benefit of being a mere 15 miles from the Mexican border and Baja California.

When I was a child, I was the pickiest of eaters. Not any more! I love food that is creative, healthy, and often decadent. I devour with my senses. I’m enamored with aromas, titillated by tastes, and excited by the sight of a beautifully prepared dish or a perfect piece of produce. International cuisines and regional specialties inspire my wanderlust.

I’m an almost-vegetarian–I don’t eat mammals—so, you won’t be reading any reviews of meat dishes on this blog. But, having grown up in the seaport of New Bedford, MA, I will probably never stop eating seafood, and on my yearly visits “back home” I have a list of the “must eats” that are always a part of every trip there and that I enthusiastically splurge on: North Atlantic lobster roll, mixed with just a hint of mayonnaise served in a toasted, buttered hot dog bun; Maine steamer clams, dunked in their own broth and melted butter; New England clam chowder whose broth is thickened only with the cream and slivers of potato; seared scallops fresh from a New Bedford ship, golden fried whole belly clams; and broiled scrod, minimally seasoned and moistly flaky. I have never tasted fresh corn on the cob anywhere else in the world that can compare to the ears of Silver Queen or Butter and Sugar eaten barely steamed within a few hours of having been picked on a Massachusetts South Coast farm in August. Yes, my cholesterol is about 1000 when I come back to San Diego, but do I care? No! And am I salivating now as I write this? You betcha!

As a food writer, of course I’m opinionated about my dining experience, what’s on my plate, and ultimately, in my mouth. I’m not impressed by pretention. Except for my sugar addiction—don’t even get me started on chocolate or pastries—-and my occasional “vacation lapses”, I’m a strong proponent of healthful, whole food eating, and I see no reason to eat processed food at bad restaurants–or even, “just okay” ones, when there is so much incredible creativity out there. If an eatery considers iceberg lettuce to be the main attraction in a “garden salad”, I pretty much know I’m not going to like anything else they serve me. That is, except for the little Greek pizza place in my hometown that coincidentally makes the best fried clams around.

by Wendy Lemlin

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