Cannabis Pairing Dinner by Lego Optimo

Gives new meaning to “Haute Cuisine”

by Wendy Lemlin

   As anyone who has ever enjoyed partaking in cannabis knows, effects include not only increased appetite, but also a heightened sensory experience of taste. Subtleties of flavor come alive and food becomes deliciously, even sensually, satisfying.

Like fine wine, every cannabis strain has its own terroir, flavor, aroma, and characteristics. And like wine, cannabis can enhance the appreciation of the foods with which it is paired. Now that adult use, i.e. recreational, marijuana consumption is legal in California, the pairing of different strains with particular foods is destined to become a culinary trend in our foodie-obsessed culture.

With this in mind, Lego Optimo, a cannabis-centric fine dining and entertainment event company, will present the first-of-its-kind, fully legal, four course cannabis pairing dinner on January 25, from 6-9 pm. Created in collaboration with renowned chefs Benito Molina and Flor Franco, and Urbn Leaf Golden Hill—a state licensed cannabis retail dispensary— the event is envisioned as an intimate, sophisticated fine dining experience for the cannabis connoisseur and epicurean food lover.

The evening’s schedule is as follows:

  • After arriving at Urbn Leaf Golden Hill (Lego Optimo is providing a 50% discount on Uber rides to Urbn Leaf and then home from the dinner), guests will begin the evening with a private tour of one of San Diego’s most premier recreational cannabis retail shops.
  • At Urbn Leaf, each guest will receive a cannabis goody bag, valued at $75, containing generous samples of the four strains to be paired at the dinner, as well as various other products and accoutrements.
  • Guests will then be transported by limo to an undisclosed location for a four course, locally sourced gourmet dinner created by Flor Franco of Franco on Fifth, and Benito Molina, Mexican celebrity chef and one of the three judges for MasterChef Latino on the Telemundo network.
  • The 4 courses will be paired with 4 strains of cannabis, chosen by a cannabis sommelier in collaboration with the chefs. This is NOT an infused dinner and cannabis consumption is optional.
  • The unforgettable evening will also include cannabis education from local cannabis growers and vendors, and music and entertainment from local artists.

Tickets for the prix fixe 4 Course/4 Cannabis Strain dinner are $125 for the vegetarian/vegan menu and $150 for a menu featuring meat and seafood. This INCLUDES the cannabis goody bag valued at $75 and the 50% Uber discount, and so, it is a great value!

Notes Carolyn Kates, Lego Optimo co-creator, “We’re doing everything by the book. Everything is completely legal. It is an upscale, refined—yet fun, of course—event, NOT a “stoner” party— with an educational learning experience, as well. Think of it as ‘Everything You Want to Know About Cannabis, But Were Afraid To Ask’. It will also be a great introduction in an intimate, friendly setting for someone who has not previously used cannabis, but is curious. Guests can opt-out of the cannabis for any course, and just enjoy the sublime food that will be served.”

This will be the first of a series of six monthly dinners, with each providing a completely unique experience with cuisine created by Flor Franco and six different well-known chefs. They include Javier Plascencia, Hanis Cavin, Steve Brown and others TBD. The cannabis strains paired with each dinner will reflect a broad range of growing styles, locales, flavors and effects. All dinners will include a private dispensary tour, local music and education on a wide range of cannabis topics.

   With a mission to educate San Diegans about cannabis and how to responsibly incorporate it into their lives, Lego Optima offers spirited cannabis culinary experiences and access to educational information.

   Urbn Leaf, Golden Hill is California’s must-see retail cannabis boutique featuring a high-end, comfortable atmosphere and professional attitude that invites inquiry, discovery and conversation.

   Culinary director Flor Franco is known for her passion in connecting farmers, chefs and artisans from both sides of the border. Her intimate familiarity with her local products and her vast knowledge of international cuisine will take your palate on a multi-level journey of discovery.

   Benito Molina’s world famous Ensenada restaurant, Manzanilla, was named one of Latin America’s 50 Best. The celebrity chef is currently a judge on Master Chef Latino. His collaboration with Flor Franco will be a culinary event to remember and one you will not want to miss.

To purchase tickets or for more information, please visit the event website at or contact the organizers at 619-846-9886. Tickets are extremely limited—no more than 20 will be sold!

*Lego Optima does not sell or distribute cannabis during any of their events. A licensed distributor sells all cannabis consumed during each dinner.

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